How to use the API

The EOSC Performance API uses REST. JSON is returned by all API responses including errors and HTTP response status codes are to designate success and failure.

All resources are documented following the OpenAPI Version 3 specification. Find the last version under and access the API endpoint at

Authentication and authorization

Requests to the EOSC Performance public API are for public and private information. Endpoints availability is marked with with tags on the method description:

  • Public: Does not require authentication

  • Users: Requires registration and authentication.

  • Admins: Requires authentication and administration authorization.


The Authorization HTTPS header should be specified using the format Authorization: Bearer <your-access-token> to authenticate as a user and have the same permissions as the user itself. You can obtain the access token using oidc-agent.


The usage of POST methods are restricted to authenticated and registered users. Registration in the service means the user accepts the terms of service exposed at EOSC Performance. You can accept those terms via GUI or by using the POST method users:register as an authenticated user using an access token.

$ curl -X 'POST' \
    '' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer <your-access-token>'

The registration request does not require additional data as body.


The API endpoint can only be accessed by https, all the http attempts would receive 301 Moved Permanently. A graphical Swagger web interface is available at the root endpoint to provide user friendly documentation, interface and examples.



Anonymous request example using bash:

$ curl -X 'GET' \

Authenticated request example using bash:

$ curl -X 'POST' \
    '' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer <your-access-token>'