EOSC-Perf: A web service to compare computing resources

EOSC-Perf is a webapp made to host, search, compare and analyze benchmark results from many very diverse computing resources primarily available within the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

The main entry point is

The service is also provided via the EOSC Marketplace

The landscape of European university servers is very diverse, so it is at times difficult to pick which servers or platform to use. EOSC-Perf is intended to help scientists identify the ideal server for a given task by letting them compare benchmark results that were ran on different servers to identify the server with the best performance for a given task.

The platform itself is intended to gather data from multiple users running benchmarks, so one does not need to re-run benchmarks if matching data already exists. Once data is available for a variety of platforms, the platforms can be easily compared using the existing data.

Main features

Benchmark results are associated with execution sites, a type of benchmark, an uploader, and optionally a set of user-created tags which may be used for annotation or search filtering.

Users can search through all results and filter results by sites, benchmarks, tags, uploaders, and even specific JSON data-points that are part of the result data. Users can then select multiple results and generate various types of comparison pages, such as speedup graphs.

If results are inaccurate, users may report them to administrators.

It supports submitting new benchmark types by running them in Docker images and submitting their names here. After this, you may submit new benchmark results associated to this kind of benchmark. The benchmark software has to generate a JSON output in order to be integrated in the service.

Users may authenticate themselves through EGI AAI Check-In, which allows them to use single-sign-on with their university.

The service also provides a fully-featured API allowing to communicate with the service from external applications, e.g to add new results by automated scripts.

Please, check our Tutorials for more details on how to use the service.

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